Why choose Adventure Africa? We make your vacation planning as easy as 1, 2, 3. We use a streamlined process that guides you along the way. Payment is secure; no need to bring lots of cash with you or pay through wire transfers or other novel methods. You will know that your payment went through, you are signed up for your specific trip, and how many will be traveling in your group. An extra bonus is having a contact inside the United States that you can contact anytime with questions, help making decisions on a specific trip, or with any concerns you may have. One of our favorite pieces that sets us part from the competition is the opportunity to shower on the mountain. It's a sweet amenity our partner company Jande Adventures offers in which no other company is offering at this time.

When to go

  • Clearest and warmest times of the year are from December - February.
  • Dryest but colder times of the year are June - September.
  • Best view is December - February