What to Expect.

Tanzania is a beautiful and peaceful country in Africa. It has 48 -50 million people and the capital is Dodoma. The national language is Kiswahili. The largest city is Dar es Salaam. Sometimes flights go through Dar, so we feel the need to warn you, this city can be a bit dangerous and shady if you are a new traveler. If staying here over night or before heading to Arusha, have a plan of where to stay and who is picking you up before you get there. Don't just go with whomever says they can give you a ride to your hotel. That way you know who to look for and who is looking for you.

You will spend some time in Arusha, Tanzania. The town makes the majority of its income from tourists. So down town is layered with shops, farmers markets, and activities. Due to its smaller size, however, it by NO means resembles the tourist destinations of Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, or other larger cities traveled across the globe. The people and children are friendly and welcome you knowing their economy relies on the people who frequent their town. Arusha is quaint and lovely, decorated with beautiful trees and flowers. The fruit is amazing and we highly recommend stopping by one of the local markets.

You will see many soldiers walking around and down alleyways. Although a little scary at first, rest assured they are only there for your safety. Due to the need for tourism, the government goes out of their way to ensure the safety of those who travel within its borders.

When you arrive at the airport, an employee of Jande Adventures will greet you and help you to the car. You will be escorted to your designated hotel where you have time to get settled. Later that afternoon Faraja, their lead guide, will meet with you personally to go over the contract, climb time the next morning, answer any questions, and go over any gear you may have requested or need.

You will meet the van at the entrance to your hotel the next morning to start your adventure. From this moment your transportation, lodging, food, and park permits will be taken care of. After your descent, you gather at the entrance to receive your certificate of completion. This is a huge honor. The van will take you for lunch, make sure to try the Coke cola there. Very different from the usual us Americans are used to. They will drop you off at your hotel. After unloading, this is when you give any gifts you have brought to the porters and guides, as well as, the tip. Average tips are around 10% of the cost of the climb.

Although the lead guide should know, this is a good time to affirm your departure date and time to ensure your ride back to the airport. This is included in your trip package. If you are staying longer to go an a safari or to travel in the area, just let Faraja know when you will be back in order to get your ride. If you find your own way to the airport, please let Jande Adventures know they won't be expecting you for a ride.