- large rucksack, 18-24 gal capacity (this is the bag the porter will carry)
- backpack, 6-9 gal capacity (the bag you will carry and have with you for immediate access to specific items)
- waterproof rucksack liner or use heavy duty garbage bags to put your gear in to keep it dry.
- waterproof backpack cover to keep your immediate personals dry

- moisture wicking t-shirts / vests. Dry fit work really well.
- fleece
- insulated down jacket
- down mittens or gloves
- thermal long-johns (even if not staying at the summit)
- lightweight hiking pants (denim and heavy cotton chafe and dry slower)
- underwear
- quality hiking socks and liners (generally for this type of hike we suggest a size smaller to reduce bunching)
- breathable, lightweight, waterproof jacket and pants
- waterproof walking boots well worn (not brand new, you will have blisters like crazy)
- calf gaiters (highly recommended. Great for many reasons)
- balaclava or similar light weight scarf or head cover
- sun hat

- toothbrush, toothpaste, and deodorant
- wet wipes/baby wipes
- Kleenex in plastic bags
- hairbrush
- any sanitary products
- lip protection with UV protection
- Vaseline for any chafing or blisters

- pain killers
- diamox (acetazloamide)
- paracetamol
- zinc oxide tape
- blister pads
- your choice of diarrhea tablets (Imodium)
- any personal medication
- rehydration packs/camel back style

- Malaria tablets
- sunscreen 30+ or better
- zinc oxide for face and head

- passport (remember to check expiration date)
- Tanzanian tourist visa (can pre-purchase or purchase in Tanzanian)
- plane tickets
- cash in US dollars in denominations of $20 and $1 in year 2000 - 2016 (tips, local purchases, taxis, meals, etc)(no travelers cheques)
- a credit card (make sure to call and let them know where you will be traveling)
- your travel insurance documents (highly recommended, we suggest
- vaccination certificates for any vaccines you received. Tanzania has no recommendations but Yellow Fever is required if visiting a risk zone before entering Tanzania.

- camera or other technology with extra memory cards
- sunglasses with UV lenses
- high energy bars (cereal bars, dried fruit, nuts, fruit snacks, etc)
- watch if needed, but really only needed when getting to pick up on time, etc.
- head lamp with spare batteries for night movement, any reading before bed, etc.
- camelbak
- water purification tablets/iodine drops (you will be drinking bottled water from Jande Adventures but anywhere else and it does relieve nerves)
- plastic bags (I covered everything I had-clothes, books, paper, shoes, bag, dirty clothes, etc)
- telescopic walking poles
- iPad, book, playing cards, phone, etc