Lodging, in general is really quite similar. Each has its own beauty and ambiance so feel free to google them for ideas. All have running water, a bed, and showers. Some require you to share the room with one or two other people/couples. These rooms will have two to three queen sized beds. Generally the closest open lodge or hotel room or rooms are chosen, but please let us know your preferences, as Jande Adventures can reserve them the majority of the time. These can be emailed or sent in the comment section.

Basic lodging

Basic lodging is covered by 8 different lodges and hotels. The Impala Hotel, Jacaranda Hotel, Kibo Hotel, and the Outpost Hotel. The Outpost in the favorite and the one used the most. The Dik Dik lodge, Ngareselo Lodge, Arumeru Lodge and Kia. Lodge.

5 star lodging

If you choose to upgrade to a 5 star accommodation, we have two available. Mount Meru Hotel and New Arusha Hotel are the two hotels we use to find you a great room before and after your climb. Upgrading is an extra $100 added on to the total of the trip.

Many people have perused this website to see pics of the potential lodges and hotels available. Depending on the time of year and time between booking and your climb, we will be happy to book you a room in one of the places you find via this website. If available. We would need an email from you with your first, second, and third choices. You will need to click the 5 star choice upon checking out. Please feel free to call or email us with any questions you might have.