We want you to know how important it is to us that everyone get what they deserve from this experience. What does this mean?

Usually porters in most of the companies vying for clients in this cut-throat industry get the brunt end of the stick. Businesses trying to cut corners to save a dollar in order to give you a much cheaper climb will start with the very people who are there to help you enjoy your adventure and bring everything up the mountain for you. Many porters barely make enough to feed their families and work 6 days a week. We believe they are the backbone of the company and we make sure they are treated as such. Each porter gets a competitive wage depending on experience and has a say in the company. Family is important to us, so, days off and vacations are also encouraged. Rest assured, your money will be helping them put food on their tables and enable their children to go to a good school.

The same goes for Jandes guides. These people are there to ensure your safety, make sure you enjoy your climb, and help you make it to the summit. Our prices are competitive and higher than others to cover the needs of the company. The people who own and run Jande Adventures have a vested interest in your adventure and safety. They grew up in Tanzania and the surrounding areas, have families, children, and want to see their country thrive. This is their dream to bring you a great experience and they deserve a competitive wage.

Another way other companies cut costs is in the food. Believe me, this is one thing you don't want to mess with. By day 3 or 4 you will be so glad you chose a reputable company and were willing to pay for it. The food is amazing. I cannot say more. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains are gathered as yo head toward the mouth of the climb. It's like a 3 course meal, with tea, coffee, and chocolate. You will not be sorry or without.

This one is hard to explain, but if the people you trust to run the company and the people who work hard everyday don't get paid for the work they do, there will be no pride in what they are doing. This puts people's lives in danger. They no longer care about the everyday experience and slowly start doing the minimum required. So not only does the safety issue raise a flag but the enjoyment of the climb as well. We are a little more expensive even though we are still competitive, but this is to ensure that everyone gets what they deserve as a hard working piece of an engine.

We hope this helps you understand where our morals and ethics stand and why our prices are as they are. We will not cut corners and create a "slave wage" if you will, in order to be one of the cheaper companies. In some cases you get what you pay for and this is definitely one of them. Thank you so much for looking and God Bless.