We are involved with a few different fundraisers and groups working to make Africa a better place. So many companies take so much of the money donated. We give 99% of what is donated to whichever company you choose. The only money taken out is what the bank charges to send the money. THAT'S IT!! The rest goes directly to helping build a school, water the animals, or make business more accessible to locals allowing them to make more money to feed, cloth, and educate their families. God Bless You and Thank You for your giving heart.


Jande Pre and Primary School - Paypal

Noel and his wife are teachers in Tanzania. The have lived between Dar Es Salaam and Arusha their whole lives and have decided they need to help local children who are slipping through the cracks. With a full business plan, they need land, building materials, classroom materials, teachers, water, sewer, a bus, etc. Amazingly enough, ALL of it comes to between $75,000 to $100,00 (depending on area, land costs, and contractors.) We will also be setting up a Gofundme page and a fundraiser through Facebook. Until then, please feel free to donate here through paypal knowing whatever you give goes directly to Noel and his school to make a difference in the lives of local children bringing education and a chance at a more successful future. The Pre school will be for children ages 3-6 and the primary school will be for ages 7-14.

Jande Primary School Donation

The event will be at the Triple D Ranch from 5-9 PM.
5-6 PM Shopping through the various booths, drinks, carnival games, and bidding on silent auction items
6-7 PM Dinner
6:30 - 7 PM Presentation of where your money is going
7-8 PM Dancing and comedy hour for entertainment -- Seraphem Dance Company and Pam VanNostern
8-9 PM Final Auction and winners of the silent auction

VENDORS!!!!!!! Come share your business or craft with everyone. Its a GREAT place to advertise and get your name out there. We will have between 200 and 300 people God willing.
Booths are small, medium, large. $50, $75, $100. A ticket to the GALA is included in the small and 2 tickets are included in the large. Everyone needs a ticket to enter and to enjoy dinner and the events.

Please bring your own table and chairs. This price is just for the space available. Please get us your email address and we can send you a vendor or donation application ASAP. Thank you so much!!

Booth for GALA


Patrick the Tsavo Elephant Guardian - Gofundme
Founder of Tsavo Volunteers. There is a shortage of rain, therefor a shortage of water. The Tsavo area are losing many animals due to this prolonged drought. Patrick started driving most of the day to bring water to these animals. They slowly realized what was going on and he would wait in long lines for him to show up with his water truck. Patrick's goal is to rent more water trucks to deliver 12,000 liters of water at least 4 trips a week. The water is distributed to 2 different locations to ease the congestion at each one. Each tank costs$250. Type in "Patrick the Tsavo Elephant Guardian" on the gofundme page to donate directly.