You will need travel insurance. We suggest using They have many options to choose from. A basic plan covering any severe medical needs, evacuation, and help from the government is good. These run from $20--$40 depending on how extensive you would like it to be.

Decide if you would like a 5 star hotel or if staying in one of the local lodges will suffice. They all provide very similar amenities, it just depends on what level of comfort you are used to. Local lodges come with the base packages. The 5 star hotels are an added fee of $100 per person for the two nights lodging ($50 per night.)

You can obtain your Visa through a few websites or you can purchase it once you are there. Generally the cost is $50 but can fluctuate depending on economy. One of the websites is This site also has a lot of information on the surrounding area, national parks, economy, and culture. Generally they will ask for two forms of ID. Your passport should be sufficient, but check to see if they require your drivers license as well. Just in case.

Most people bring cash. The dollar is used there and can easily be exchanged for local currency. A few things about cash. They prefer $20 bills with the year 2000 or earlier on them.

If you bring a credit card make sure to call the company and tell them you will be traveling so you don't end up having to deal with a blocked card while on your trip. Also, check to see what their might charge for out of country use. This saves any surprises once you get home. Some hotels, some local businesses, and the airports will take credit cards.

There are three airports that fly into the area where Jande Adventures will pick you up. The most popular is the Kilimanjaro International Airport. The other two are smaller: Moshi Airport and Arusha Airport.

Physical fitness will define just how much fun you have on this adventure. We suggest some type of cardiovascular exercise 3 times a week for at least a few months prior to your climb. Hiking, walking, and swimming are also great ways to get prepared. Start hydrating now. At least 60 - 70 ounces of water a day. This will clear out any lagging lactic acid and get your muscles ready for the trip. Muscular people tend to have a harder time because muscle tissue requires more oxygen.

Gear: the list is extensive to some degree. We have checklists on the site that you can print out to make packing a little easier.